The Awaited PlayStation VR

For most people, they probably thought that they would only have to enjoy the new tech of virtual reality via the PC, using the already available device such as the HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens and the Oculus Rift, the giants of VR currently. You will be happy to know that PlayStation entered the race for virtual reality devices, and they are here to stay. The PlayStation V was initially developed back in the year 2014, but more Sony went back to the drawing board and after a few changes here and there, the new and improve PlayStation VR is to be released in the month of October later this year. The new and improved VR will be selling from approximately 399 USD which is a bit high for most people, but it is way less expensive than its competition.

It is estimated that more than fifty games will be available on the PS VR once it is released this year, some of which will be designed by Sony and others by 3rd party studios. Sony explained that there are over two hundred developer kits who are currently working on the titles to go together with the first 50 games. Also, for the PlayStation VR, it needs a PlayStation camera to function, which does not come with the a new PS VR. Some games might need to have the PlayStation Move controller, which you will need to buy on your own.

When you buy the PlayStation VR, the items that you will find in the box will be a headset, power cable, processing box, dual HDMI connector (VR headset to PS4) earphones, HDMI cable and micro-USB cable. It is a far cry from what you would have expected to get, but for 200 USD less compared to the Oculus Rift, it is a fair deal.

How Does The PlayStation VR Work?

Since its first introduction in 2014, the Sony VR set has undergone various changes so as to improve the user experience before their final launch in October. For those who have already had a chance to try out the headset, they can confirm that it is one of the most comfortable VR set in the market, even for those who wear glasses.

Similar to most VR sets on the market, the PlayStation VR completely puts you in a new world once you wear it. It puts you in a video game by producing two images at the same. Instead of using an expensive graphics card like the other VR headset, the PS VR uses only the PS4 and a small black box which is situated between the headset and the PS4.

Design of the PS VR

When it comes to the design is not that unique compared to most VR sets out there, but when compared it is one of the most attractive design that is out there. The HMD (head-mounted display), comes with a combination of black and white plastic touches. One of its latest upgrade and change is the 7 seven blue lights that the headset has, which the system will pick according to your location and head movement. It has a precise and accurate head tracking feature. The strap of the headset has been designed in an ideal manner, making it cozy for the wearer. Inside the headset, there is an OLED screen which measures 5.7 inches (resolution of 1920 by RGB by 1080). The VR provides a field of view which at 100 degrees and a 120Hz refresh rate.

These are basically the main features of the PS VR. To know how well it performs and whether it is better than the other types of VR sets, you will have to wait for it in October to test it out.

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