How to Do a Reverse Number Look Up

There are many reasons why you might want to do a search on a phone number. The most common reasons revolve around having to check on an unknown phone number who keeps calling (or texting) repeatedly, avoiding unwelcome calls or making sure you do answer the ones that are important, and trying to find someone with just their phone number.

How To Look Up a Phone Number

There are actually a few more ways to search for the identity of a company or person behind a phone number. Some people use a social media site like Facebook to look up a phone number they want to call or find out who’s been calling them. Others also try googling it, which can be a pretty useful option. Go on Google, type in the phone number, and press enter.

The problem here is that using social media platforms or Google is never a guarantee that you will get the accurate information you want. This is especially true when using a search engine like Google. Sometimes you will see exactly if that phone number is coming from a business or an individual, but more often than not, you will just get a list of dozens or hundreds of successive phone numbers. Not very helpful, right?

Which is why you need to use an online service that was specifically designed for reverse lookup searches, like These websites can tap into a huge database containing public records to search for the exact information you need, and then present it to you in an organized, easy to read format. Just go to Kiwi Searches, type the phone number into their search box, and you will be able to get the name, address, and other details.

Most common reasons why you might need to do a reverse phone number look up:

  • Check an unknown phone number – Do you remember those times when caller ID on landline phones were still considered an important add-on? People used to pay more money to have the phone company add this option to their service. Even back then, people needed to know who was calling on the other side of the line.  A reverse look up allows you to check the identity behind that unknown number who’s been calling or texting.
  • Get the important calls – This is more common than you might expect. For example, someone is waiting for an important phone call from a spouse, a call about a job application, or that phone call from the university they applied to. Use a reverse number lookup to see if which calls should be answered and which ones can be ignored.
  • Find where someone is – A quality online reverse lookup service will give you not only the name of the person or company that owns the phone number, but can also provide the current address and even the approximate age of the caller (if it’s a person). Someone who is trying to look for a family member or a long-lost friend, for instance, can use this service to help them find out where that person is.

So if you or someone you know is ever in a situation where you want to look up a phone number, just visit Their reverse phone lookup tool will help you find out the information you need.