The Best Electronics for Making Coffee at Home

Anyone who loves a home-brewed cup of coffee knows how important it is to have the right equipment when doing so. There are a variety of ways to go about brewing a cup of coffee at home, but there is certain equipment that no one can go without if they want to be successful when they’re making coffee at their house and make great cups of coffee.

From the French press to the Aero Press to the pour-over and everything in between, there are lots of different methods for making coffee at home. But there is still essential equipment that everyone is going to need. First off, a quality grinder is necessary. A burr grinder is preferred but a blade grinder will do the trick just fine. Also, an electrical pot with adjustable temperature gauge is essential, which brings us to the list of the best electronics for making coffee at home.

                    Best Electronics for Making Coffee

Burr Grinder

A burr grinder is the best kind of grinder to have. Even coffee shops use commercial-grade burr grinders for grinding the coffee that goes into the espresso machine. A burr grinder uses “burrs” positioned within the grinder to grind the coffee without the loud noise of a blade grinder. It also achieves a desired coarseness or fineness, depending on the setting that is selected. That is probably the biggest advantage to using a burr grinder, that it allows the user to predetermine the grind they want without having to time it. Overall these are the best grinders available.

Blade Grinder

While a blade grinder is not preferable over a burr grinder, it can do the job when it’s used correctly. With a blade grinder it’s really all about timing, as the operator must grind the beans for the right amount of time to achieve the right amount of fineness for the kind of brewing method they are going to use. The other downside of blade grinders is that they are a bit loud, but besides that they work great for grinding coffee.

Electric Kettle

For coffee to be brewed properly, it needs to be brewed between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that just bringing the coffee to a boil and pouring it into the brewing device isn’t going to do the trick, because water boils hotter than 205 degrees. In order to get the optimum temperature for brewing coffee, it helps to have an electric kettle that can bring the coffee to an adjustable temperature and keep it there.

Keurig Coffee Maker

For those that prefer an automated, quicker method, the Keurig is a dream come true. It presents the coffee in lots of small, pre-made cups, which are inserted into the machine. All the Keurig maker needs in order to be functional is to be plugged into an electrical outlet and filled with water. There are lots of different flavors available, and the Keurig has become a favorite of those who are trying to get their coffee before they leave for work in the morning!

Non-Electric Coffee Equipment

Although there is a lot of coffee gear that does require an outlet, some of the most essential gear is not actually electric. There are a lot of great pour-overs and French presses out there, with which many people make coffee with every day. There is also the Chemex, which is one of the most popular methods for making coffee. Each method is different and has a unique taste, the best way to learn more is to keep trying out new brew methods!

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